When your company is on the decline, the number of people joining your company is on the decline. This is called attrition. You are losing people. You might be losing sales, you might be losing customers, or you might be losing jobs. The key is to take care of yourself and your company. Learn how to take care of yourself and your company so you can remain viable.

We are often told that you should never retire. You should never “quit” a job. You should never give up on your dream. But the word “retirement” is a little misleading. You wouldn’t say, “I’m going to retire when the stock market goes up.” You would say, “I am planning to retire when the stock market goes down.

Companies are not just a collection of people, people are not just a collection of companies. You can’t just expect to make money from your business by putting a bunch of people on the payroll. You need to make sure you are hiring people who can stay with you for a long time in the same position. You need to hire people who are good at what they do.

I was talking with someone who owns a company and he was really upset that I didn’t want to retire when I grew up. He said, “I grew up, I was a CEO of the company, and I am just about to retire. I have 4 young kids who are going to be old enough to know what retirement is all about.” That’s not the best plan for a CEO to have, and I had to agree.

Retiring is hard. Most people do it for years before really thinking about it, but you need to be careful to understand what you are doing and how much time you have. I have a friend who is a retired high school teacher and says it is the best part of her life, she still does everything she loves to do, but she is the single most successful person she knows.

Retirement is hard for lots of reasons. The most common one is that you have to remember how to be happy in your old age. You become more and more forgetful as you get older and, with some unlucky individuals, they can forget the day they got to be your age.

The fact that you can’t just stop and enjoy your life in retirement is one of those things that has a lot to do with attrition. It takes an amazing amount of dedication to not just put those things you love to death, but to keep trying to do them the old-fashioned ways. I know lots of people that started working out when they were middle age and never stopped. I know lots of people who started a business in their mid-40s and never stopped.

The fact is that you start at one place and you get to go where you want. You can decide that you want to be a doctor or a teacher or a lawyer or a surgeon. There are infinite reasons to change your mind. The key is to keep those reasons as your main reason to continue.

The thing that people often don’t realize (or at least not think about) is that the reason you started a business in one place at one time and then moved on to a different place later in life is that there are fewer reasons to stay there anymore. No more doctors, no more teachers, no more lawyers. If you don’t feel the need to work at your current job more, then you move on to something else.

As a business person it is rare that you get to work in a field that you are passionate about. The reason being that you have always worked in the same field, so you can’t change your mind just because you feel that you have to. You can always move on to something else, but the odds are that you wont be able to. Therefore, change your mind frequently.

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