According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the most us patents per year (and most of these, by far) belong to the technology-based company Cisco.

Cisco is a company that invented the Internet-based services industry. It’s been a long-term commitment to its technology. Cisco has been using its patent portfolio to help drive its innovation. Cisco has been developing a software called the Network Intelligence (NIN) platform that does both the data analytics and the network intelligence functions.

Cisco’s been trying to patent the Internet for some time now, but it hasn’t gotten anywhere near the attention it deserves. However, Cisco has done a lot of work to get its patent portfolio off the ground. It’s a company that has lots of products and services that are built around networking technology and is known for the way it innovates. It’s a tech company that has built up a huge patent portfolio.

Cisco has also been trying to build up its patents. However, it is difficult to get patents. Even if you’re the inventor, you need to have a company that will actually develop the product to get patent approval. For example, if you are trying to patent a method of detecting a heart condition, you need to be sure that the person who invented the method is working with the company that developed the product that the patent is for.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that patents are very hard to get. The only way to get patents is to patent the technology.

Patenting the technology for a device or a process is also difficult, because it costs money to develop a patent application. That’s why I think it’s important to look at the companies that are most likely to have the most us patents per year. If you look at the list of top us patents per year, you’ll see that almost every company has a lot of us patents per year.

Companies that have the most us patents per year are also usually the companies that have a lot of money. For example, the company that has the most us patents per year is Google. Since their IPO, Google has doubled their patent portfolio, so they are the largest company with the most us patents per year.

The majority of us patents are about what Google does, and for a website to be a good website, it must have a lot of patents.

This is the most important reason Google is so much more active in the world than any other company. They have a lot of patents. But most of the information that any company has about Google and the world is on its patents.

This is how Google is able to keep up with the ever-changing technologies, and it is also why Google has the largest patent portfolio. They are constantly innovating and expanding their patent portfolio. This is why their patents are so successful. They are constantly researching new technologies and trying to patent new things. And they have patents that are worth far more than the cost of being a Google employee.

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