I’m so lucky to be able to spend every single day in the company of other creatives during the week. But, there are times I feel like I’m trapped in a rut. I’m in the middle of a project that I’m working on, my brain is on the verge of going blank, and my heart is racing.

This is why it’s good to have a partner. It’s easier to keep things in perspective when you’re sharing the same space as everyone else. And when you have a partner, you can talk for hours about your day. It forces you to concentrate on the things that truly matter, and that can be hard, especially when you’re an introvert.

But what if I told you that your partner was also an introvert? How would you react? If youre an introvert, chances are that you probably don’t want to talk about stuff like that either, but you’d probably enjoy it. Not because you feel like you have to, but because you feel like you want to be included. So, don’t be mad when he gets rambunctious in front of you.

Thats the kind of thing that happens. A lot of introverts are so introverted that they dont even notice when their partner is having a good day. The good thing is that if you do get rambunctious, you can try to talk over him and not be embarrassed.

I think that’s the best part about introversion. Because if you’re really nervous about something or if you feel uncomfortable in social situations, you can just talk over your partner.

Another thing about introverts I love, is that when they talk over their partner you dont have to ask them to repeat anything. I know this may sound weird, but if your partner is really trying to be quiet or not to talk, its not that hard to just look at them and listen. They can be a little annoying at times, but when you really want to talk to them, I dont think you can get much more understanding than that.

I mean, when you want to talk to someone, you should probably be talking to them. If you don’t, they’re going to be too busy trying to talk to you.

My partner and I spend pretty much all the day together. He’s my partner and I’m his. We both love hanging out and talking about other things. I mean, we talk a lot and we’re pretty good about talking, but he’s the one who’ll actually listen to what I’m trying to say.

People who are on chat rooms and chat networks are always ready to talk to you. They really are the most understanding people in the world. If you want to talk to them, you should probably call them.

There are some people who’ll chat you right up until they have to call you, then they’ll hang up and you’ll have a good chat with them. Ive been on chat networks for a while now and I’ve never had a single person hanging up and wanting to chat me up.

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