The term industrialised is used to refer to how business practices have become increasingly standardized. The industrial period refers to the period between the Napoleonic Wars in Europe and the Industrial Revolution in England, which occurred in Britain and most of Europe between the mid-18th and mid-19th centuries. The term was first used to describe what was going on throughout the 19th century.

If you’re wondering what exactly “industrialised” means, here’s the official definition from Oxford Dictionaries.

The industrial period is when a country has developed its own production methods and standardized its production processes. While the term wasn’t used by the Oxford Dictionaries until the early 20th century, the phrase was first used in 1841.

Invented by British engineer William Henry Preece, the phrase industrialised means that a country has developed a system of production that is so advanced that it is used throughout the world.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, industrialised means “adhering to a defined set of production methods or techniques developed by a government or a nation of a relatively advanced industrial base” (OED).

The Oxford English Dictionary used the phrase in the first instance in a reference to the first of Preece’s machines in 1841, but the term was first used to describe the Industrial Revolution in 1832 in a reference to the United States. The English term industrialised first appeared in print in 1892.

The word industrialised comes from the Latin word for the state or machine that produces the product—or works in the machine. The English word industrial means “the production of the same or higher”. Industrialised means “the production of a new product or process”.

The first industrialised machines were simple and crude mechanical devices that were used as simple factory tools (but still, they were industrialised). They were in fact, the earliest industrialised machines, as the first industrialised machines were actually built by hand. Later machines were even more complex and sophisticated, incorporating many of the same industrial processes that the first machines used, like the use of steam, electricity, and the first machine guns.

When you build something, you are building something new. In the same way that humans were initially created to be tools, machines are initially made to be tools. You could say that human and machine are the same thing, but the term “industrial” has a much more specific meaning then “industrialised.” In fact, you could say that the industrial age was the age of industrial machines.

The industrial age was the age of industrial machines, and we’re talking about the factory industry here with its own products, that we’ve got to look at. What we mean by industrialised is that industrial machines are tools that humans can use to make something.

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