What are these things? They are the inter-temporal moments which precede, and follow, the temporal moments. The first is the past. The second is the present. The third is future.

Both the past and the present are temporal moments. That’s the big picture. If we thought of them the way we think of the events in our lives, they would be temporal moment.

We can only look ahead and see the present moment in a temporal sense. We can’t really see the future or the past without looking around.

The future is not the present. The future is the present, but the present is not the future. We can only look forward to the future without looking back. The past is the future, but the present is not the past. We can only look ahead to the future without looking back. This is because for all of our time on Earth, we may only be looking at a portion of the future. Only in this limited way can we actually see the future.

This is true. For example, if you try to read the signs in Times Square, you only see the signs from the past. The Times Square signs from the future will not be visible because they don’t have any meaning to anyone currently being in Times Square.

This is why it is important to learn to see the future as a whole. We are always looking to the future. But we also know that the future is a wide swatch of time, so that, instead of being a slice of eternity, the future is a broad, continuous sheet of time. It’s more like a series of “now” pictures than a picture of eternity.

To learn to see the future, we need to learn to see it from multiple perspectives. We need to learn to see the present, the future, and the past at the same time. In some ways, this is difficult because we are so accustomed to being in the present that we need a way to remember our past.

By the way, the film itself is an adaptation of the novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns by American writer John Steinbeck. The book is about a slave trade in the American South and is one of the best-known works of American literature of the 20th century.

For a while, I was pretty obsessed with The Great Gatsby (the title is a reference to The Gatsby, the book that inspired the story) but as the title suggests, we are almost always watching the present.

The film adaptation of the book is an attempt to give the story a true-to-life, modern feel. It’s also an attempt to show how America used to be. We don’t have a time machine, so the film makes the past feel like it’s right here in the present. The plot of the book is really a very straightforward tale of a main character who is trying to do something he once opposed.

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