this year has been a year of change, both for me personally and for my organization. In the midst of the chaos and confusion, it has been refreshing to take a step back and reflect. I have a lot of ideas and a long list of projects I want to tackle, but also have a desire to be more present, and to not take myself and my life so seriously. I am not a people pleaser, and I am not someone who likes to be on top of everything.

In reality, I’m just like a lot of people, and I have been for a long time. In fact, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever been one in the past. I tend to be quick to judge people, and I can be pretty hard on myself in particular, so I’m not sure how to deal with my own tendencies to be too quick to judge people. That being said, I have gotten better at it over time.

I am not a people pleaser and I have said as much before, but I have gotten better at it over time. This is mostly a result of trying to learn from my mistakes and trying to stop being so hard on myself. I also have found that being a bit more relaxed about things has helped as well.

People in general, and I think especially people on our team, tend to have a hard time relating to other people because they are so focused on getting things done and getting things done quickly. They have a hard time relating to other people and this is often due to their own self-focus. As a result, they are prone to making quick judgements about people in general, but also more specifically about people they don’t know.

This goes along with the general “work hard, play hard” mentality that is so rampant among us at Enron. And it’s not just Enron employees. All over the place, people are working themselves to death. The result is that we end up being very focused on our own goals and the things we want to achieve instead of focusing on what others are doing. As a result, we tend to see the world through our own rose-tinted glasses.

This is a good habit to have, but unfortunately the result is that we end up living in an increasingly toxic world. A toxic world where everyone is trying to do everything themselves. We have become more and more cynical and competitive. We are increasingly focused on short-term, short-term, short-term goals instead of long-term goals. This lack of focus leads to a loss of perspective and the ability to have a long-term perspective.

We are becoming more disconnected from the source of our problems. To fix this we must become more connected. We must learn to take the long-term and work to make it a reality.

Of course, this is an extreme example but still, I believe it’s worth pointing out that we are becoming more disconnected and less connected. The disconnect is between the “self” and the “source of our problems.” To connect, we must be able to connect the “source” of our problems with the real world of the people who are hurting us right now. We must be able to connect the real world with the problems of the people we know and feel we can relate to.

To connect is to give ourselves the opportunity to connect with other people, to let them know our problems and to give them our best shot at helping us. To be able to connect, we must be willing to sacrifice so we can be able to connect.

We may not be able to connect with someone or something we don’t know anything about, but we can at least try to connect with people we do know and feel we can relate to. For example, I know one of my best friends who is married to a woman I don’t like and would rather not be around. I know that I will always respect her but I can’t exactly go to someone at work who doesn’t know who she is.

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