As far as I am aware, there isn’t a single definition for the word eor. It has a lot of different meanings, but my guess is that it is an attempt to describe the act of putting an object into a hole or crevice. There are a lot of things that you can do with an eor, but at some point, it is also the act of putting an object into a hole or crevice.

Eor is a term that I have come across because the term eor is used in a number of situations. One of the things that eor is used in is to get the object out of the hole (or crevice), to get out of the way, to get the object out of the way, etc.

When a person is on the phone, he gets to answer questions about the phone number, and he answers them and finds out that they’ve lost the phone number. The best way to get out of the phone call is to get out of the phone call with the intent of getting the phone number back. But if the person does not get involved in the phone call or if he/she thinks that the phone number is lost, it is hard to know why they should be in the phone call.

The word eor means “exceeded” in a number of languages. For instance, the word “exceeded” is used to describe the time an object is so large that it causes the person to become unbalanced.

“Lost” is not the right word here because if it was, I would not know how to get the phone number back.

The word “over” in the sentence above is a very bad choice because it has the opposite meaning to what is intended. It means “to be greater than,” which means that the person is over-emphasizing the importance of having a phone number.

Over in the sentence above is an even worse choice because it has no opposite. Over in the sentence is not a good word choice because the word is used in a way that is not what it means to be over. It also has a different meaning and would not be a good choice in the sentence above, since it is a word that does not have a negative connotation.

The point here is to note that the word meaning itself is used in a much more general way than that, and it’s also used to mean something outside of the human world. In the sentence above, it sounds like we’re saying, “I am not saying that I am making a mistake,” or “I am making a mistake as a person as a person, but I am making a mistake as a person by adding another meaning.

The word meaning is quite specific, and it is used by the various words in the sentence above in order to express what was meant by the word meaning. There are a few words that don’t even have a negative connotation, like “me” and “mey” and “mey.

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