Bigg Boss is a popular reality show that has been entertaining audiences around the world for several years. The show follows a group of contestants who live together in a specially constructed house while being constantly monitored by cameras. One of the key aspects of the show is audience participation through voting. In this article, we will provide the ultimate guide to Bigg Boss 17 voting, including different methods of voting, tips for maximizing your votes, and answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 17

Voting for your favorite Bigg Boss 17 contestants is crucial as it determines who stays in the house and who gets eliminated. Here are the different methods you can use to cast your vote:

1. Voting through the Voot App:

  • Download the Voot app on your mobile device.
  • Sign up or log in to your account.
  • Find the Bigg Boss 17 voting option.
  • Select the contestant you want to vote for and submit your vote.

2. Voting on the Voot Website:

  • Visit the Voot website on your computer or mobile browser.
  • Create an account or log in.
  • Navigate to the Bigg Boss 17 voting section.
  • Choose your favorite contestant and cast your vote.

3. Voting via SMS:

  • Each week, the show announces specific SMS numbers for each contestant.
  • Use your mobile phone to send an SMS with the code of your chosen contestant to the designated number.
  • Check for any additional instructions or charges associated with SMS voting.

4. Voting through Missed Call:

  • Each contestant is assigned a unique missed call number.
  • Simply dial the missed call number of your preferred contestant to register your vote.
  • You will receive a confirmation message for successful voting.

Tips for Maximizing Your Votes

To ensure that your favorite contestant receives maximum support, consider the following tips for Bigg Boss 17 voting:

  • Regularly cast your votes: Make it a habit to vote for your favorite contestant every day through multiple platforms.
  • Encourage others to vote: Spread the word among your friends and family to garner more support for your chosen contestant.
  • Stay informed: Keep track of voting trends and updates to strategize your voting approach effectively.
  • Utilize all voting methods: Take advantage of SMS, missed call, and online voting options to maximize your votes.

FAQs about Bigg Boss 17 Voting

1. How many times can I vote in a day?

You can cast multiple votes for the same contestant in a day, depending on the voting rules set by the show organizers.

2. Is there a cost associated with voting through SMS?

Some mobile network providers may charge standard SMS rates for voting via SMS. Check with your service provider for details.

3. Can I change my vote after casting it?

Once you have submitted your vote, it is usually final and cannot be altered. Make sure to vote carefully.

4. Do international viewers have the option to vote?

The voting options may vary for international viewers, with some regions having access to online voting platforms.

5. When does the voting window typically open and close each week?

The voting window usually opens after the nomination process is completed and closes a few days before the eviction episode.

6. Are there any restrictions on who can vote for Bigg Boss 17 contestants?

Viewers must meet the eligibility criteria specified by the show to participate in the voting process. This typically includes age restrictions and geographical limitations.

7. How are the votes counted, and when are the results announced?

The show organizers tally the votes from different platforms to determine the contestant with the highest number of votes. The results are usually revealed during the weekend episodes.

8. Can I vote for more than one contestant in a single voting round?

In most cases, you can only vote for one contestant per voting method per round. However, you can switch your vote in the following rounds.

9. What should I do if I encounter technical issues while voting?

If you face any technical difficulties during the voting process, reach out to the show’s official support team for assistance.

10. How can I track the voting results and standings of the contestants?

Stay updated on the voting results and contestant standings through official Bigg Boss social media channels, websites, and the show itself.

In conclusion, Bigg Boss 17 voting is an essential aspect of the show that allows viewers to actively participate and influence the outcomes. By following the provided guide and tips, you can effectively support your favorite contestants and play a significant role in shaping the show’s narrative. Keep voting, stay engaged, and enjoy the thrilling journey of Bigg Boss 17!

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